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"SME activation in the cross-border regions of Ukraine-Belarus"

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Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation

Territorial cooperation programmes open an opportunity for Eastern Partnership countries to identify and jointly address common challenges in their border regions towards sustainable economic and social development at local level.
EaPTC comprises four territorial cooperation programmes: Armenia – Georgia, Azerbaijan – Georgia, Belarus - Ukraine and Moldova - Ukraine.

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News Project

On May 15, a focus group dedicated to the implementation of the project "SME activation in the cross-border regions of Ukraine-Belarus" was held in Repki, Chernigiv Oblast, under the Eastern Partnership (EaPTC) Program financed by the European Union.
On April 25, 2018, a third working meeting of partners was held in Slavutych, devoted to the project "SME activation in the cross-border regions of Ukraine-Belarus" under the EaPTC Cross-Border Cooperation Program.
Within the framework of the project "SME activation in the cross-border regions of Ukraine-Belarus" under the Eastern Partnership (EaPTC) Program funded by the European Union, the Slavutych City Entrepreneurship Support Fund and the Slavutich Executive Committee, on April 24, A cinema-concert complex (bar "Manhattan") was organized and held II Intersectoral session: trade and services.




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